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Caterpillar Floor Repair

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Distribution Floor Replacement During Regular Daily Operations

Caterpillar in York hired Yoe to remove and replace the floor of a distribution warehouse in preparation for the installation of a new racking system.


To remove and replace the concrete floor in the warehouse, the Yoe team was challenged with adhering to strict safety protocols and had to work alongside the client team during normal daytime operations while the distribution floor was in use. Yoe worked closely with the client to minimize disruptions, staging work around the facility to accommodate workflow and schedules, and maneuvering carefully around both foot traffic and forklift activity throughout the project. Working inside an occupied space also meant that containment of dust and fumes resulting from the concrete work had to be carefully managed to ensure they did not infiltrate the rest of the building. The project complexity was further compounded by the logistics of removing debris from the building and pouring new concrete on site as the area that needed to be repaired was located far from the trucks’ access dock.

Services & Solutions

Executing concrete construction in occupied spaces takes careful planning, safety vigilance and specialized expertise. By running the project through a single point of contact who understood the client’s specific needs, Yoe was able to deliver value and a seamless experience from planning through completion. Operating with open communication from start to finish made it easy to schedule when and how the work would be done to maximize safety and avoid any production disruptions. To contain dust and fumes, a plastic barrier was set up around the work area. To address the location challenges, a system leveraging concrete buggies for removal and a pump system for new material pouring were implemented to manage the project across the span of the building.


Through careful communication and coordination, Yoe was able to remove and replace the floor at the warehouse and distribution center to prepare for the new racking system safely and efficiently. Yoe’s attention to detail and creative problem-solving skills makes them the go-to company for many projects at Caterpillar and Yoe is grateful for the relationship they’ve built together.


York, PA


Project Size

28,800 sq. ft.

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