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Food & Beverage Sanitation Room

Creative Problem Solving for an Innovative Clean Room Solution

A major national snack food company reached out to the Yoe Construction team with an urgent need to create a clean room within an indoor food and beverage facility for washing down equipment and other items in a confined, sanitary, and waterproof way.


At the time, the client was using an interim solution created by their in-house production team that was no longer meeting operational needs. This project had a tight timeline and required careful planning because the space was occupied, and a new clean room was needed to continue to conduct business safely and efficiently. It was important to map out a construction plan that minimized impact on existing operations and ensured the new clean room solution was in place as soon as possible.

Services & Solutions

Because the room needed to be a clean, moisture-resistant space, the client’s original specifications called for the Yoe team to construct the room with drywall and cover the walls with a waterproof FRP paneling to create sanitation splash walls. As part of project planning, Yoe evaluated the proscribed solution and suggested an alternative path that would result in a higher quality finished product. Yoe’s project manager suggested that instead of drywall, they use a composite material made by Nudo (called UtiLite), a moisture-resistant wall and ceiling panel. This material would deliver an improved end result and fit inside the established budget. The client agreed and construction got underway immediately.

The Yoe team then set about constructing a steel-studded structure with the UtiLite panels for walls, eliminating the need for a two-step process. This created schedule efficiencies and cost savings to the bottom line and ensured a higher quality finished space that would remain moisture-resistant for its lifetime.

During construction, Yoe was also able to overcome the challenge of working in an operational space during normal business hours without disrupting day-to-day activity. With the need to have this room available for use as soon as possible, the team turned this project around in a tight one weeks’ time.


Creative thinking and deep industry knowledge allowed the Yoe Construction team to create value for the client, enhancing project quality and saving valuable time and money. Yoe is honored to work alongside such a strong brand and appreciates the long-term relationship built through a commitment to building with integrity and maximizing value in every project.


Project Size

1,200 sq. ft.

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