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Waste-To-Energy Bay Wall Demo

Concrete Wall Removal Amid Challenging Circumstances

A prominent waste-to-energy incineration facility in Baltimore hired Yoe to remove a 20-foot concrete wall protruding from their tipping floor over a large, deep pit below, impeding the amount of trash they could process.


There were several challenges to removing the concrete wall, mostly regarding safety. The Yoe team had to first ensure that removing the wall would not affect the stability of the building in any way. Additionally, as the wall was protruding 20 feet over a pit that was approximately 50 feet deep below the demolition, the team had to consider how to properly harness and anchor each other for safety to prevent falls and injuries. As the facility had to remain open around the clock to receive trash, the Yoe team was also challenged with working around incoming trucks and other traffic, as well as navigating around the crane working in the pit below the wall. The final challenge was to safely remove the demolished portions of the concrete wall without dropping them into the pit.

Services & Solutions

Working from the approved engineered plans, the Yoe team put together a careful strategy to ensure the safety of everyone working on the site. Yoe made sure everyone working on the wall demolition was properly harnessed with strategically placed anchor points. As navigating the constant activity in the facility was complex for this project, the team employed multiple radios to stay in constant communication. Working with a specialized subcontractor who was cutting through the concrete with a state-of-the-art wire saw, the Yoe team was able to remove the excess concrete by attaching it to the equipment itself and maneuvering the pieces safely onto the tipping floor for disposal outside of the building and away from the pit.


Yoe was able to demolish the 20-foot concrete overhang and safely remove approximately 150,000 lbs. of excess material from the tipping floor at the waste-to-energy facility. With careful planning, flexible scheduling, and meticulous on-site coordination, the project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget. Yoe is proud of their relationship with this client and looks forward to working with them again on the next concrete demolition project in another bay at this same facility.


Baltimore, MD


Project Size

35’ tall x 20’ long (over the edge) x 16" thickness

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