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Waste To Energy

Construction in the waste-to-energy industry is one of Yoe’s specialties. We have the experience and the relationships that make all the difference, as well as a highly skilled team tuned into the needs of the unique circumstances of waste-to-energy facility operations. We approach each waste-to-energy plant project with the goal of minimizing disruption and downtime, while staying on time and on budget.

The Yoe Construction team understands that waste-to-energy plants and incinerator plants have very specific safety requirements. If you are looking for a partner who knows how to manage facilities and infrastructure improvements safely and efficiently in the energy recovery market, think of Yoe. From truck curbs and wheel stops, to feed chute trenching and ash extractor curbing (plus virtually every process in between), Yoe’s done it all.

Yoe delivers a turnkey solution from start to finish, providing the value and peace of mind of a single source of project responsibility. Our in-house construction, concrete, steel fabrication, excavation, and precast form capabilities, coupled with a trusted network of subcontractors who also understand the particular needs of the waste-from-energyindustry, ensures we can bring the best team with specialized experience to every job.

Custom projects demand custom solutions, and when it comes to waste-to-energy construction, Yoe is the partner to call. Many of our waste-to-energy clients have been with us for decades and we are honored to be their go-to partner for projects large and small (and we treat each with the highest regard for quality, safety and service – without exception). We look forward to learning more about your waste-to-energy and renewable energy construction needs – contact us today.

Connect With Yoe
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Waste-To-Energy Facility Services

Yoe Construction’s deep-rooted experience of this specialized industry make us the right choice to handle your waste-to-energy facility project. Some of our services include:

  • Tipping Floor Repair/Replacement
  • Wheel Stops/Truck Curbs
  • Residue Fuel Tank Pad
  • Cooling Tower Drain Line Repair
  • Slipstick Enclosure
  • Ash Extractor Masonry Repair
  • PDC Sump Pump Installation
  • Ladder Pad
  • Speed Bumps
  • Bag House Curbing
  • #3 Feed Chute Trenching
  • Ash Aisle Floor Repair
  • Truck Scale Deck Repair
  • ACC Fan Area Pad
  • Maintenance Shop Trenching
  • Sink Hole Repair
  • Turbine Drainage Trenching
  • Steel Lined Tipping Floor Pit
  • Ash Building Floor Repair
  • Snow Canopy
  • Carbon Blower Pad
  • Boiler Concrete Repair
  • Catwalk Masonry Repair
  • Ash Extractor Curbing
  • Fly Ash Silo Concrete Walls
  • Metal Can Storage Area Repair
  • OPS Room Steps
  • LDC Siding & Trim Repair
  • Container Pad & Ramp
  • Scale House Steps & Ramp
  • BFW Pump Pad
  • Ash Pulpit Stair Repair
  • Stack Drain Line
  • Ash Loading Slab
  • Loader Containment Curbing
  • Steel Lined Ash Floor Walls

Where We've Worked

Our waste to energy and energy recovery experience includes the following projects:

  • Covanta 58th Street
  • Covanta Alexandria
  • Covanta Babylon
  • Covanta Bainbridge
  • Covanta Braintree
  • Covanta Camden
  • Covanta Del Valley
  • Covanta Essex
  • Covanta Fairfax
  • Covanta Fairless
  • Covanta Harrisburg
  • Covanta Hempstead
  • Covanta Hillborough
  • Covanta Lee
  • Covanta Islip
  • Covanta Montgomery
  • Covanta Onondaga
  • Covanta Paterson
  • Covanta Palm Beach
  • Covanta Pinellas
  • Covanta Plymouth
  • Covanta Union
  • Covanta York
  • Modern Landfill
  • WIN-Waste Baltimore
  • WIN-Waste Dutchess
  • WIN-Waste Gloucester
  • WIN-Waste Falls
  • WIN-Waste Frackville
  • WIN-Waste McKay Bay
  • WIN-Waste Millbury
  • WIN-Waste Portsmouth
  • WIN-Waste South Broward
  • WIN-Waste Westchester

Call On Yoe

Count on Yoe Construction to understand the unique needs of the waste-to-energy industry. We look forward to connecting!