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Target Safety Campaign

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Target Safety

As part of our pledge to think and work safely every day without exception we operate with a TARGET SAFETY mindset. When we take aim together, recognizing our role as individuals and how each of us plays a critical part as a member of the team, we can hit the mark to achieve safety and ensure everyone returns home safely every day.

When it comes to safety, when you see something, say something. We encourage you to take appropriate actions immediately any time you spot a safety incident to address any immediate danger. The form below is for sharing details on non-emergency safety incidents and observations. We appreciate your active participation and help in keeping Yoe Construction safe. Together, we can reach our goal of zero injuries.

Safety Incident Report

Information submitted through this form will go to Quality Control/Safety Director Mike Colson and will remain private. While we are asking for your contact information to ensure we can follow-up with any questions and reward those who actively participate in the program, all submissions will remain anonymous among the team and specific details about who submitted specific reports will never be shared.

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